3 Steps Learning Method

Speech-Inspiring !

Focus On Both Exam And Daily Communication.


Basic Knowledge

☆     Words/ Phrases/ Long Sentences
☆     Easy-Master grammar system learning


Oral Chinese

☆     Fill In The Blanks Type
☆     Question & Answer Type
☆     Narration & Discribtion Type


HSK Level 1~6

                                3 Points Target Winning!
☆     "3-Types-Communication" Overcome Hearing
☆     "3-Steps-Teaching-Method" Break Words/ Phrases/Sentence
☆     Classified & Systematic Exercises: Effective And Fast!

     What Can You Benefit From 3-Steps-Learning Method?

     1. Enables the C-Tyme school learners to perform a wider and faster range of linguistic tasks than the naturalistic learners and thereby accelerates the rate of acquisition.
     2. Adult beginners, are likely to experience difficulty in obtaining comprehensible input in the exposure-type environment of a natural setting, but they are much more likely to obtain it in the intake-type environment of a Formal Instruction setting, for the latter can ensure the availability of the adjusted qualitative input needed for acquisition.
     3.In addition, grammar instruction, course materials and the “teacher talk” are all tailored to meet various stages of development, providing the kind of language features that learners are ready to acquire.
4. Other effects of C-Tyme school learners on SLA:  
☆    It help learners perform such as those associated with planned
       speech,writing or carer-oriented examination.
☆    Students with more C-Tyme formal instruction are found to
       have scored higher on proficiency tests than those with less.
☆    It is useful at a later stage when oral communication becomes  
       a frequent task.


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