Oral/Standard Chinese

☆    Textbook: Updated Every Two Years
☆    Exercises: Classroom Role Play, 3 - Type Communication (Fill In The Blanks, Q&A, Narrative)
☆    Level: Total Beginner, Intermediate, Daily Life Conversations; A Level Test After Every 40 Lessons..


HSK Sprint

☆    0-3 Levels: C-Tyme Compiled Textbooks, Target For HSK 3, Including Easy Master Grammar And Communication Skills.

☆    Level 4-5: Pyramid Classification Training Help Students To Break Grammar / Reading / Writing.

☆    6 Levels: Phrases, Idioms, Classification Memory + System Training.


Business Chinese 

☆    The Latest Business Textbooks( Junior, Intermediate, Advanced Business Textbooks), Including Overseas Acquisitions And So On;
☆    Learn Special Terms In Business Negotiations, Social Etiquette, International Trade And Other Fields
☆    Negotiation, Customs, Engineering, IT, Market Research (Contracts, Documents, Practical Dialogue, Etc.), Category Learning + Role Play.


Teaism And Culture Curriculum

☆    Teaism And Culture Curriculum
☆    Free Trial Teaism
☆    Ancient Chinese Literature/Other Culture Courses.


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