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Teachers: Grouping Instruction&Training

☆   Decades of Teaching Experience,graduated from Shanghai
      University, Huadong normal university and so on;
☆   Possess Second-A Mandarin Certificate And The International 
      Chinese Teacher Certificate;
☆   C-Tyme Pre-Service Training & Teachers Growth Training Every Month;
☆   Grouping Teaching, Refinement Of Teaching, Cultivate More  
      Professional Teacher:
                    1. Oral Chinese Quick-Improve Group
                    2. Hsk Training Group
                    3. Business Chinese Teachers Group

The Latest Text/Practice Book And Course

☆   Private 1 On 1 Lesson ( Flexible Time/Place/Latest Text Book)
☆   1 On Many ( 1~3 Students) Mini Group Lesson,Original Practice
      Book,Students Can Get More Chance To Communication Practice;
☆   Systematic & Practical Textbooks, Updated Every
 Two Years;
☆   Official Hsk Training Center, Formal Test Registration Center.

Professional Learning Method, Improve Effectively

☆   Improve Vocabulary And Grammar Rapidly/easily/systematiclly;
☆   Class Simulation Training/Role Play/Off-Class Activities
☆   Hsk Classified Training: 3 Steps Breaks Through Difficulties Quickly.


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